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we can't wait to welcome her back. february 20th, that's the big day. two major breaking stories on each coast. we'll get to the blizzard. >> reporter: brand-new details just coming on that rogue ex-cop on the run in california. police saying that he could be anywhere right now. the suspect's vehicle recovered. but no sooibs of him. police say that he's still on the loose. david wright is in big bear, california. >> as you can see we're a climate away from sunny san diego where this man hunt began 145 miles ago. these weather conditions haven't helped the search effort. but police officers out overnight going door to door, so far, though, the trail has gone good. this morning the man hunt has moved to this mountain, armed officers swarming a popular ski resort, after christopher
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dorner's truck was found here last thursday. a smoldering wreck. but no body inside. police said they found tracks leading away from the car, but no suspect. they is searched through the night. >> they still aerial searches, ground searches and door to door searches going on. >> reporter: the former cop is seeking revenge a motive spelled out in a manifesto posted online. a rant against a police department he says blamed him for exposing abuse. i will utilize every bit of small-arms training that i have been given, he writes. you have misjudged a sleeping giant. >> of course, he knows what he's doing. we trained him. he was a member of the armed forces. it's extremely worrisome and scary. >> reporter: late thursday, cnn's anderson cooper said that he found a package that dorner
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sent him february 1st with a coin that had been shot through. inside, dorner said that more evidence that he was railroaded by police in 2006. fired, he said, by a police department protecting his own. the chief at the time was bill bratten. >> he would have been fired by him. >> reporter: police said that dorner has led them on a wild goose chase through three states and mexico and they still have no idea where he to find him. >> we ask that anyone who sees him should not approach or attempt to account him but immediately call 911. >> reporter: police say this may be the biggest man hunt southern california has ever seen. cops searching for an alleged cop killer, someone they fear may be hunting him. george? >> okay, david, thanks. let's get more behind all
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this. clifrts dorner posted 1,000-word manifesto online. pierre thomas has more on that. >> reporter: good morning, george. authorities said that christopher dorner is their worst nightmare. dorner a former navy reservist is an expert maxman. he claims to have explosives and a rifle capable of slicing through armored cars from long distance. >> you have a trained member of the military who's taking that experience and terrorizing this entire region. >> by all accounts, the 33-year-old led a normal life. >> was always smiling. always positive and upbeat. the kind of person that yo would want as a friend. >> reporter: dorner joined the military and later the police out of a sense of honor.
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investigators believe behind the smile is a burning hatred for the lapd which he called corrupt and racist. his battle began with 2006 shortly after he became a cop, when he says that he witnessed a female officer using excessive force. for years he appealed the decisions. sources say that he recently snapped after exhausting all avenues to get his good name back. >> you're always on duty when you're a cop. >> reporter: she's dorner's former girlfriend. >> it's scary situation. i have the phone on 911 when i open the door to my apartment. who's next? you don't know. i don't see a peaceful resolve or ending in the situation because he committed so many heinous acts at this point.
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>> reporter: dorner said that he's going to use every bit of his training to kill police, he said that he's prepared to die and george, my sources say, believe him. >> reporter: brad garrett joins us now from washington. we learned so much. we know that the car is in the ravine, some tracks there. but this is like finding a needle in a haystack at this point. >> it is, george. hopefully, they have tracking dogs out there immediately. the key is, what is dorner going to do? did he have any plan to go to big bear? a place that he's been in the past? the key is, getting the word out in big bear to all of the stores, rental car places, any place that he could conceivable go to get food or rent a vehicle or obviously steal a vehicle, that's the reel key.
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is he using credit cards? i don't know. another way to track, possibly. now we're into almost 20 hours later. he could be anywhere. >> we just heard from his former girlfriend that he believes that this is going to end with violence and we have seen that manifesto, what clues do you take from that? >> george, he says in the manifesto, unfortunately, he won't be here for his name to be clear. george, this is all about him stating, look, i'm the good guy, i have done the right thing. you all, meaning you all who have touched my life, have harmed my name. until he believes that he eens cleansed that, this is going to go on. >> okay, brad garrett, thanks very much. >> take a look at ginger zee on
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top of a mountain of salt up in boston. two to three feet of snow expected there. sam, first, give us all the latest on this storm. >> we might as well pull out the "b" word, blizzard, for this one. because it's the very worst that a winter storm can deliver and seven states from blizzard warnings out now. anywhere from newark to new york city, all the way through hartford in connecticut, to boston, massachusetts, up to portland, maine. this entire area is going to get the driving, blinding snow, the kind of snow that shuts down cities. this is kind of a big hit for this area. it really comes together with two storms. one storm that's already delivered a hit of snow. north of the chicagoland area, about ten inches of snow. you didn't have to get too far to get that snow there. and in central detroit. not detroit, but central michigan. they picked up about ten inches of snow. that's got the cold air. as that system drives up to the
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north, they really do get together and phase right about 2:00, 3:00 in the morning, that system will pull itself together to become one, big snowmaker off the coast of new york and connecticut and massachusetts and boston, to make that big, big storm happen. who gets what? if you're south of the center of this storm you get rain. that's the d.c. area. right along the coastal areas, where you see this flashing red, we have a hurricane-force wind warning out there. the coastal flooding in areas that were devastated by sandy, you get a real impact from the water. you'll get big impact from the snowfall totals. 24 inches of snow is the biggest total we can find. that's in boston. boston has never had more than 27.5 inches at snow at one time. our ginger zee is on that mountain of salt, getting ready for that storm. ginger, good morning. >> good morning, sam. this time tomorrow, i anticipate standing close to three-foot to
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five-foot drifts of snow here in boston. but for now, i'm standing, yes, on top of a lot of salt. this is 100,000 tons of it. you see 50-foot cliffs. it is just one of the things that's going to help boston and all of new england prepare for this major winter storm. this is the reason why many schools are closed today in new england. an overturned school bus on a snowy road in michigan. fortunately, only two students suffered minor injuries. it's all part of that storm will become the nor'easter. after superstorm sandy, no one is taking this storm lightly. >> accumulation is expected to be swift, heavy and dangerous. >> reporter: more than 2,500 flights have been canceled. logan airport and amtrak between new york and boston is shutting down early this afternoon. and cities all over the region is suspending public transportation. >> stay off the streets of our city. >> basically, stay home. >> reporter: the run on gas. >> there's several gas stations up the road out of gas. >> reporter: and supplies ahead
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of the storm is so intense, the fire department was called into this salem, massachusetts, supermarket. >> well, i might as well double-stock. we don't have to go out. we can hunker down. >> there's been a constant stream, let me show you, of all of the trucks getting prepared for the big storm. boston, getting another 60 tons -- 60,000 tons to this company alone. and they'll be ready when it hits. sam? >> best to be ready. here comes bernie rayno, and my pal. no one knows this stuff better than anyone. phasing of two systems, is this going to happen? is it not going to happen? what's the factor that we wake up with no snow? >> well, i don't think there's any way out of this storm now, sam. you had mentioned the two storms. one in the midwest and one in the southeast. but, just as important was an injection of arctic air that came across northern new england yesterday. and that's why it was so cold in new york city. so, now, you have the arctic air. now, you have two storms. all the ingredients are there, sam. the only place they may get
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missed is if the storm is a little too far east. maybe new york city doesn't get a foot of snow. but i they southern new england in this red area, batten down the hatches. it's coming down. >> historic storm? are we going to be talking about this, even though the totals aren't 30 inches of snow? >> i think it's going to be historic because when you combine the heavy snow we're going to see. and at the height of the storm tonight, sam, even around new york city, providence, hartford, all in this red area, we're going to see snowfall rates, of one to three inches per hour, visibility, below a quarter-mile. there's probably going to be whiteouts because of the wind blowing between 40 miles per hour and 60 miles per hour. that's what makes it historic >> that's going to be bad in this area. amy, we're on the system all morning long so people won't be surprised. thank you, bernie. let's get more on the man josh. personal information and
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communications with the bush family including former president george bush and his father. even the security code to the house has been compromised. jonathan karl joins us now to explain who did this and how. >> reporter: good morning john josh, this is quite the story. it's now investigating the apparent hack of e-mail accounts of both former presidents. this done by someone going by aalias guccifer. e-mails going back to 2009. have already posted several personal photos including one of the elder bush in the hospital. abc news won't reveal the hacked information. the story was first reported by the website smoking gun. this morning, a spokesman confirms to abc news, quote,
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there's a criminal investigation going on. >> jonathan karl in washington thank you for that. meanwhile obama administration's controversial drone program targeting america terrorist suspects could be regulated by court. that possibility has been raised by testimony by john brennan, he defended the strikes saying they're launched only as the last resort. >> closely to intervening in civil war, leon panetta has revealed that he and former secretary of state hillary clinton wanted to arm the rebels trying to topple the syrian president. but the white house said no. an suv through a front
7:14 am
window, quick reaction, jumping over the bar. neither he nor the driver were seriously hurt. finally a guy who's literally living on the edge. take a look at this skateboarder, it's a viral video, thanks to a wild and high-speed ride downhill. but, well the skateboarder in question in trouble this morning. police are looking in fact to arrest him because speed cameras set up on that street caught him at 68 miles per hour. >> whoo! >> please don't try that at home. >> thanks, josh. now, to an abc news exclusive this morning. we have the first new video of 5-year-old ethan since that little boy was rescued after spending nearly a week held hostage in that underground bunker in alabama. s.w.a.t. teams got ethan out just in time to celebrate his birthday. and abc's david muir is just back from alabama with the first images of ethan.
7:15 am
david, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this birthday party was held at a local church with little ethan, his mother and older brother. pops, grandad, also there. the s.w.a.t. teams, the fbi, the negotiators hugging him at the party. ethan's family telling me he's not spoken of the bunker or the man who held him captive. but as you'll see right here this morning, his giant smile is back. >> buddy, why don't you play with your cars. >> okay. >> reporter: this morning, an abc news exclusive, the first home movies of little ethan. and images from his sixth birthday party. the party his town had all been praying for. just days before he turned 6, ethan was snatched from the front seat of that school bus, dragged to an underground bunker by jimmy lee dykes. >> the child appears physically unharmed and is being treated at a local hospital. the subject is deceased. >> reporter: in his first interview, ethan's brother telling me about the text
7:16 am
messages the family would get from the hostage negotiators. the messages that would keep the family going. >> we didn't know when, at times, that he was asleep. and that was around 9:00 at night. >> reporter: they would at least be able to tell you he's gone to bed for the night? >> yes. we'd normally get a text or something that he had fallen asleep. >> reporter: was that at least some comfort? >> that was actually a lot of comfort, where i could go lay my head down. >> reporter: ethan's older brother never left their mother's side. you were there when she got the call? >> we were all there when they told us. >> reporter: what did say they? >> they said, we have ethan. >> reporter: and the fbi's special agent, whose call it was to enter the bunker, says the suspect left behind writings. and that while in the bunker, he became agitated, bragging of his plan. >> at the end of the day, the responsibility was mine. i thought the child was going to die. >> reporter: chilling words from that special agent with the fbi. he told me they were convinced time was running out.
7:17 am
they had to get ethan out. tonight on "20/20," what it was they saw and heard that that bunker that signaled dykes was about to harm ethan. what we never knew. the fbi revealing to me, that the gunman's only friend in that town, the sole friend that reached out to him, the bus driver he targeted that afternoon. >> oh, my goodness. >> david, thanks very much. let's get the rest of the weather from sam. hey, sam. >> good morning. i want to show you the big, wet -- take a look on the jacket there. the big, wet snowflakes that are falling right here in times square. that's a little earlier than planned. the crowd's out. let's take a look at the radar. we'll show you what's going on this morning. as the southern system as all of the rain, moves into the cold air and gets the infusion of the powerful jetstream. and the northern storm. we have a snowmaker. look at the wind profile that comes with this system, as well. just a quick look and you'll see the coastal winds will be 40, 50, 60 miles per hour. 70-mile-per-hour hurricane-force wind gusts just offshore.
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and coming up on "gma," the star quarterback headed to trial starting today. accused of assault. why his case is tearing the montana community apart right now. and the copycat crime. bank robbers dressed up as nuns, in a move right out of "the town." why the judge tried on the mask before his ruling. and watch what you wear at the grammys. we'll explain coming up on "good morning america." at the grammys. we'll explain coming up on "good morning america." [ jessica ] my days are action packed.
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>> now, from abc7 news, good morning, i am eric thomas. major delays for westbound commuters on the pay bridge after an accident on the upper deck. >> the accident has just been cleared in the last 10 minutes. you can see traffic is coming from treasure island on the upper deck is moving nicely. use move to the incline section, that is recovering the last 10 or 15 minutes. behind the toll plaza, here is what you will find. traffic is just still stacked up. major delays behind the tolls metering lights are on. i recommend bart or the san mateo bridge for the next few minutes. eric? >> it will be a memorable ceremony for 85 new highway patrol officers who will be sworn in this morning at the c.h.p. academy in west sacramento, dedicated in honor of fallen c.h.p. officer who was gunned down during a traffic
7:24 am
stop last september off interstate 680. his family will attend the ceremony and pin badges on the newly sworn officers. when coe c
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7:26 am
>> 280 in san jose, it is wet right new as we had a shower move through. live doppler 7 hd shows it is sliding to the south, and headed up 17 and turning into snow as it goes to summit road. watch out. all this is slide down to the south and by 9:00, the showers are out of here.
7:27 am
temperatures right now from 32 at santa
7:28 am
just look at that massive pile of salt, right outside of boston. they are getting ready for a monster storm this morning. >> a beautiful shot. >> the schools are closed. they're going to use it. the snow is already coming down in times square. it's going to be the first blizzard of 2013. it promises to be a historic one right now.
7:29 am
sam will have all of the latest on that. and we are marking that only 12 days to go until robin comes back. it's getting closer every minute. >> fantastic news. we have a look at a surveillance video. this is a heist that's seemingly right out of the movies. a couple dressed up like nuns, stealing their disguise from ben affleck's film, "the town." >> also, ashley judd is in the middle of a divorce. now, she's coming under fire for her real-life role. why she's making so many nervous right now. and we'll be watching what they wear at the grammys. strict, new rules in place for rock stars. that should work out really well. just before music's biggest night. >> because they're very conforming. >> a dress code for rock stars. what would go wrong? let's go out to sam in times square with the monster blizzard. >> this thing is putting itself
7:30 am
together. we'll show you what it looks like in times square. we expected it to first come in and go to a wet mix. and it stayed at big, wet snowflakes instead. here's what we think everybody's going to get out of this storm system as the two lows get together. when you're away from the low and in that big bucket of rain, you're getting all-rain. but when that moisture gets into the colder air, and this thing puts itself together later on tonight, there's a coastal wind that's 60 or 70 miles per hour in gusts. steady winds at 40 miles per hour or 50 miles per hour. that's well past blizzard criteria of steady snow and 30-mile-per-hour winds for at least three hours. we think we have five or six hours of steady wind and snow. and those totals will be a foot and maybe more in a lot of locations. that's the way it looks right now. george? amy? we're going to turn to the trial that begins today in montana, where a star college athlete is accused of sexually assaulting a young woman he met at a party. but this dramatic case may be one part of a disturbing pattern at the university of montana that's shaking up the ncaa.
7:31 am
and dan abrams with the story. >> reporter: it's a case that's divided a community. part of a larger debate, an investigation into whether a major university and a local police department and prosecutors have done enough to respond to dozens of claims of sexual assault. >> johnson, keeping it. running. johnson, touchdown. >> reporter: jordan johnson was the star quarterback for the university of montana grizzlies. >> it's going to be a great experience playing in front of 100,000-plus people. >> reporter: but this morning, he's the defendant at the center of a sexual assault case that's rocked the mountain community of missoula. he's accused of the sexual assault of a female classmate and has pleaded not guilty. with the trial beginning today, some facts are not in dispute. johnson and the alleged victim agree, they flirted at a party in 2012. she was interested. he texted her. he picked her up in his car,
7:32 am
brought them back to her house and they started kissing. what happened next is fiercely contested. he said they had consensual sex. but johnson's accuser texted a friend saying, i think i just have gotten raped. i said no. but he wouldn't listen. in a different text, she wrote, i don't think he did anything wrong. a month and a half after the encounter, she formally reported it to authorities. >> he was the star. he was the face of the team. regardless of the status, people want to know what happened. >> reporter: around the same time, the u.s. department of justice announced a probe into a staggering 80 reports of sexual assaults in missoula over a 4-year period. >> the purpose of our investigation is to determine whether the university and the law enforcement agencies acted promptly, adequately and fairly to protect the safety of women. already the u.s. department of
7:33 am
women has joined the d.o.j. investigation. and the ncaa has launched the probe of its own. but the university of montana's athletic program -- >> johnson gets taken down at the 2. >> reporter: has taken a major hit. if the jury selected this morning decides to convict, johnson faces up to 100 years behind bars. it could also be as little as two to four years. and in a case like this, george, where it's a real he said/she said, the medical testimony becomes crucial. >> a community like this, the star quarterback, it's got to be difficult to get a jury. >> everyone is covering the case in the community. they had to bring in additional jurors. 400 prospective jurors. they have to do jury selection at the local holiday inn. >> my gosh. >> thank you. now, to the heist drama inspired by ben affleck's "the town." a pair of thieves robbing a bank in a pair of gun masks. the judge trying on the masks
7:34 am
himselves before making a ruling. alex perez has the story about the heist inspired by the movie. >> reporter: it has all of the makings of a hollywood blockbuster. a bank heist with a guy in a mask. what you're seeing is no movie. the fear in the eyes of these tellers is all-too real, as they're forced at gun point to help a girlfriend/boyfriend ban did team empty a safe. look familiar? federal prosecutors say they were inspired by the flick "the town." and convinced her boyfriend, lyndon wesley, to rob this bank with her back in 2011, just like in the movie. wesley, who took a deal and testified against edwards, admitted to opening up a safe deposit box and casing the bank before. edwards, who is an aspiring model, and wesley, almost got away with $120,000. the unusual heist had fbi agents
7:35 am
investigating costume stores around chicago, including this shop. >> people will see something in a movie and tend to try to imitate it with real life. didn't exactly surprise me. >> reporter: but imitating the movie didn't work. edwards' defense argued the robber was white. the judge in the case had one of the rasks and tested that argument. the judge found edwards guilty. prosecutors say edwards robbed the bank to pay back money she had embezzled from another bank where she worked. but this morning, this fake nun is no longer on the run. now faces up to 25 years behind bars. for "good morning america," alex perez, abc news, chicago. >> that's gripping video there. >> it is. let's get back to sam with the weather. >> george, it is looking a little wet and snowy outside. that's the early of what's to come. this goes throughout the night on friday into saturday. we told you at the top of the show. let's show you pictures out of philadelphia. this is what it looks like in philly.
7:36 am
on the rainy side of the storm. a little low clouds. here's snowfall totals. no reason to change them at this time. we're looking at less snow in southern areas because they're a little warmer. they'll have more rain involved in this system and farther away from the low when it becomes the big storm. it does not do that until later on tonight. you really have time early this morning in most locations to get yourself together for what will be an overnight big snowmaker and a driving wind. i cannot tell you enough how bad that wind will be overnight tonight. western storm, as well. that rain gets all the way into southern california, san diego. l.a. getting some rain. mountain snow out of this. and a lot of mountain snow. about every mountain in the southwest will see some snow out of that low.
7:37 am
>> you've got to love times square. folks are out. rain, snow, it doesn't really matter. all of that was brought to you by benful. coming up, the big controversy at the grammys. why the biggest stars are being told to cover up before the big show. and ashley judd under attack. why the superstar actress' brand-new role is making a lot why the superstar actress' brand-new role is making a lot of people nervous right now. fu? push-ups or sprints? what's wrong with fetch? or chase? let's do this larry! ooh, i got it, i got it! (narrator) the calorie-smart nutrition in beneful healthy weight... includes grains and real chicken, because a healthy dog is a playful dog. beneful healthy weight. find us on facebook to help put more play in your day.
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it's 7:42. and we're back with ashley judd and what could be her biggest role to date. she could be gearing up for a run for senate. things are shaking up in washington, and targets of a new ad. paula faris has the latest. >> reporter: on abc's "missing," she's known for attacking bad guys head-on. now, on the heels of a recent divorce, ashley judd is under a different kind of attack. >> ashley judd, an obama-following radical liberal. >> reporter: after judd hinted at running for senate in her home state of kentucky, that would take mitch mcconnell head on, a super pac released this video online, mocking the actress for supporting president obama. >> someone who knows what's good for us. >> obama care has done so much for us. >> someone who shares our
7:42 am
values. >> if she's really interested in joining the nfl, she's going to get some knocks. >> they're concerned about a celebrity opponent. would she outperform a typical democrat in kentucky? sure. absolutely. >> reporter: her mother and sister are well-known for her -- their country hits. and she's a powerhouse actress in her own right. with a career spanning two decades, starring in films from "double jeopardy" to "kiss the girl." but her personal life has made headlines just last month. judd announced her split from dario franchitti after 11 years of marriage. >> the tension was building up. friends noticed it. they grew uncomfortable together. and he would get annoyed by all of the public affection she would give him. >> reporter: now, it's the public's affection that judd will need to court. while she did not return calls about whether or not she'll run for the senate, it appears her
7:43 am
possible opponents -- >> she's a hollywood liberal. >> reporter: -- are convinced she will. for "good morning america," paula faris, abc news, new york. and get ready for more. karl rove says he has a sequel in the works. he told bill o'reilly last night that this ad is just the opening story. i guess so. it does appear that way. yes. anybody? no. okay. coming up, everybody. cracking the code. victoria's secret angels revealing what women really want. >> oh, good. that's great. and our "play of the day." we have a cashier turning into an overnight celebrity. and a football star doing one of the great things. the great things. hey, there's a photo booth. come on! okay, we gotta time this just right. okay. ready... mm-hmm. happy valentine's day. [ female announcer ] the charmed memories collection at kay jewelers. each charm is hand-crafted in italy and with hundreds of charms to choose from, the possibilities are endless.
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growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible. right then, here's "the play of the day." >> we are -- we have chosen today, we were going to try a two-person bo-fer.
7:48 am
>> wow, that's new. >> all right. amy's going to sit tight. we're going to bring you a texan-sized wedding story. take a look at this couple's cake. that's the groom's cake. it was a gigantic j.j. watt cake in houston. this is one of the great, good guys. >> the muscles might be something. >> he's the a.p. nfl defensive player of the year. a great player. a great guy. this was on twitter. after seeing the cake on twitter -- i'm not sure we have a picture. j.j. watt, he goes to the house, knocks on the door. >> hello. >> that's great. >> and surprises the couple. this is a guy who heard, you know, a 6-year-old girl wanted to marry him, so, he did a proposal with a ring pop. he brought a lot of the newtown kids to houston, just a couple of days after the tragedy there. >> we love you. >> this is one of the great guys in sports. and thank you, j.j. watt, once again, for doing that.
7:49 am
>> thank you, j.j. >> how about a bo-fer. adding to josh's thing here. who is this, ladies and gentlemen? watch in and listen to this. that's dolly parton. all right, ladies and gentlemen. who is this? ♪ >> wow. >> that is 21-year-old walmart cashier kayla sloan, giving dolly parton a run for her cash at the checkout line. this is someone who went to walmart. i can't talk. i have to listen to this. they're checking out and they're shooting kayla. this has gone viral a little bit. we thought we would give her a shout on "the play of the day." >> i think kayla is soon to be former walmart cashier. >> good for her. that's great. she sounds amazing. nice bo-fer, guys. >> nice. >> whoa. guys. >> nice. >> whoa.
7:50 am
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7:54 am
>> now, from abc7 news, good morning, i am eric thomas. san jose police are investigating the death of a woman who fell from a high-rise condo this morning. it happened before 3:00 on west
7:55 am
st. james secret. the body of the 24-year-old was found on the ground in front of an 11 story building. there was a preliminary investigation with no evidence of foul play. >> sue is following traffic. >> early accident upper deck of the bay bridge involving a motorcycle hard cleared but you can see the backup remaining into the mazur & kittel but improving on the upper deck. eastbound, san mateo, an accident is in progress. >> radar returns are diminishing in the south bay with one or two stray until 9:00. then we will be partly cloudy in the afternoon with cooler and more dry air moving in. low-to-mid 50's but mid-to-upper 50's this week. eric? >> the news continues now
7:56 am
7:57 am
7:58 am
♪ it's started snowing here in times square. and d.j. michelle pesce this morning. blowing it out here. that woke everyone up here. and we are so excited.
7:59 am
as we told you yesterday, robin set to come back to "gma." only 12 days now. we're so close. wednesday, february 20th. >> that weather outside, is like the 12 days of christmas. >> a long 12 days. >> there's sam outside, as well. it may feel like the 12 days of christmas. but valentine's day is less than a week away. and the victoria's secret supermodels say they have all the answers to what women really want. this is what they're going to tell us, not what they're going to show us. >> they also have all the answers of what men want. >> too bad. there's some new rock star rules against dressing racy for music's biggest night. good luck with that one. why so many superstars are being told to cover up before the grammys. we'll see how that goes. >> that's why we're showing all of the revealing photos. >> don't do this. >> don't do this.
8:00 am
>> what could possibly go wrong there? also, take a look. not one, not two. five bundles of joy. quintuplets, born at just 27 weeks. so, they went away. they got well. and as you see, reunited for the first time since their birth. hey, where have you been? we were hanging out for months. we're going to hear from the parents. we're so happy to have bethenny frankel with us this morning. she has the latest scoop on her busy life. she'll share some healthy and delicious skinny girl snacks. hi, bethenny. >> hi. let's get an update from sam on this monster blizzard of 2013. >> at the top of the show, this is what i expected out of this to start. it started as the little wet snow. that lasted a little longer. now, it's gone to a wet consistency here in new york city. that's going to be the real problem. the radar will show you. this is a big surge of southern moisture. so, it's coming in with its own
8:01 am
dry air. it will go back and forth between the ice and the snow and the rain for a while, in big-city areas on road surfaces. and later on today, into tonight, that cold air gets pushed in. and we have a snowstorm in the making. i see no reason to change these totals right now. we're going 12 to 14. one place is getting pounded worse than anywhere else. and boston is right in the heart of that. our ginger zee is standing there live, getting ready for it. good morning, ginger. >> good morning, sam. even though it looks like i'm standing on snow, no snow from the blizzard yet here in boston. when it gets going later tonight, especially in the overnight hours, we're going to need a lot of the salt. the 40-foot, 50-foot cliffs behind me. they're getting another shipment around 60,000 tons very soon here. the state of massachusetts has gone through about 300,000 tons with the somewhat nonexistent winter. we're going to put a dent in it here. biggest concern, coastal flooding. with all of the wave heights peaking around 20 feet.
8:02 am
it's something we'll be watching for, as far as danger and damage along the coast. >> particularly in areas devastated by sandy. we're going to see water along the shoreline for hours. we're the extreme team, covering this thing from beginning to end and all over the place. that's our ginger zee in boston. back inside to george. george? >> we're glad you're out there, sam. hurry back in when you can. let's get to josh and the rest of the news. >> we're going to begin with the biggest manhunt in the history of los angeles. that is what it is being called. thousands of law enforcement authorities stepping up the search for a former police officer and military veteran with a deadly vendetta against the lapd. christopher dorner is suspected of three murders against officers and their families. he posted a manifesto saying he was unjustly fired from the police department for reporting abuse. police found dorner's burned-out truck at the popular big bear ski resort, and began door-to-door searches there.
8:03 am
this morning, he remains on the loose again. we'll have updates as news warrants. also this morning, secret service confirms it is investigating the hacking of the e-mail accounts belonging to the bush family, including those of both former presidents. the hacker reportedly obtained family photographs and confidential information. including security codes for one of the former president's homes. researchers say a gene mutation is making proteins in the brain clump together, when extra copies of a dna sequence are created. if the clumps are causing dementia and not just markers, scientists say they may be able to treat the disease if they get rid of the excess proteins. and apple is facing a rebellion from one of its most influential investors that wants to stop the company from hoarding its cash. green light capital says it's suing apple to stop the company
8:04 am
from issuing more stock instead of sharing cash with its current investors. and the duchess of york, sarah ferguson, will soon be getting a payout. she and several other victims of the phone hacking scandal has settled with rupert murdoch's company, which has apologized for repeatedly intercepting their voicemails in the hopes of breaking tabloid stories about them. no word on how much the settlement is worth. we have new details about that hoax at ashton kutcher's house. police say a 12-year-old boy was behind the scare. they say he made prank calls, claimed armed men were inside kutcher's beverly hills home. police descended on the house and held some workers there at gunpoint, until they realized it was a prank. prosecutors say they will charge the boy in juvenile court. finally proof that sometimes it is better to be the underdog. welcome to the men's college basketball season. under a second to play. and that is the scene in champaign, illinois, upsetting top-ranked indiana.
8:05 am
you see them rushing the court. their exuberance greatly understood. it's the fifth-consecutive week the number one team in the land has gone down. and it's still just february. i, of course, am looking forward to the madness of march. >> oh, yes. >> exciting. we can't wait for "pop news." >> thank you, george. good morning to you and to you. we have huge news this morning for "star wars" fans. we already knew there was a trilogy on the way, picking up after "return of the jedi." but now, reportedly at least two more spin-offs in the works. one will tell the story of han solo as a child. and why he grew up to be as hot as he did. that was my version. the other movie will be about the bounty hunter, bad boy boba fett. he's a bad guy with a big following, right? >> he is. he is one of the x-factors in the bigger story. the myth and the legend of boba fett is massive. >> it's exciting. you and i should be writing these. >> i can't wait.
8:06 am
seriously. >> it's really exciting. >> from behind the wall. >> we're excited to see these -- they're expected to be in theaters in the summer of 2015. no word on who will play the role of han solo. i'm on it, though. is john mayer a new man? in a an interview he publicly admitted that he was wrong to share personal details about his romances with the likes of jennifer aniston and jessica simpson. you all remember the comments. no need to go there. he's now saying, i was just a jerk. i wanted everyone to like me. he goes on to say, it's very liberating when you realize it's impossible to make everyone like you. as for his latest love, he seems to have learned his lesson. when "rolling stone" asked him about katy perry, all john would say was, i'm very happy in all aspects of my life. >> what a gentleman. >> he's singing again. i think things are right on track with him. the holidays may be long gone. but you can relive a little bit of the christmas magic this weekend.
8:07 am
everyone's favorite child beauty queen, honey boo boo, is back, with a christmas special. and we have a sneak peek. >> decorating for christmas is so much fun. like you're wrapping. momma? >> what? >> sugar said, can we throw this away? >> no. i think i can fix it. >> throw it away. >> let me see it. i can fix it. >> momma don't throw nothing away. >> that's right. >> she's one of those hoarders. >> we can get money. >> momma, it won't set up. >> it's the leaning tree of pisa. >> momma's too crazy about christmas decorations. >> the tree of pisa. >> look at you, see? >> "here comes honey boo boo, the christmas special" airs on tlc this sunday. >> a little curious. >> it's snowing. david beckham is in "pop
8:08 am
news" today, everybody. he may have a career as an action hero after his playing days are over. h&m has released this. it's a short film. it's for david beckham bodywear. it's directed by guy ritchie. the plot, becks running around beverly hills, chasing after his robe. leaving him, unfortunately, only in boxer briefs. so frustrating. there's buzz online that the bod is not bad. becks has a lot of tattoos. and in some of the shots, certain tattoos are missing. it's a mystery. but becks says he does all of his own stuntwork. >> are you going to get to the bottom of it? going to investigate? >> no. i'm not going to investigate. let's go to sam. two seconds. hey, everybody. good morning. we're outside in times square. i love that this audience doesn't care it's going from snow to rain. we're right here. who are you, gorgeous lady?
8:09 am
can you tell me your name? >> alexandra. >> alexandra, you are so beautiful. i love your hello kitty hat. is it warm? >> yeah. >> and what is the snow? have you tasted -- this is your first snow. can you taste it? >> yeah. >> how does it taste? >> good. >> i'm in love. where are you guys from, by the way? >> ft. lauderdale. >> welcome in. this really is her first snow. let's get to the boards. we're going to start with washington, d.c. and where it's been mostly a rain event, there's slipping and sliding going on in elevations there. you're getting the rain moving up. and so will the wind, as these two storms get together. look if for the arrows that are shaded in red. and watch them move up the coastline. those are winds that are 60 miles per hour-plus. and by saturday morning, they are just past the new york area into the boston area. you should know this gets going late today. goes all night long into tomorrow morning. so, just get everything you need to get done done early.
8:10 am
and then, settle in for this snowmaker to move on by. to the west, we have big snow, as well. when you get in the mountains, some places have more than 8 to 12 inches of snow. aspen is getting a fresh coating, as well. in the northwest, there's the rain on the west coast. and again, even in the southwest, we're getting mountain snow. tampa looks good at 76. >> early in times square. it's a snowflake mixed in with rain. here's what's ahead on the "gma morning menu."
8:11 am
rock star rules. why music's biggest names are being warned to cover up before you get to the grammys. we'll see. and the miracle quintuplets reunited at home for the first time. how they defied the odds. and how the parents are doing right now. robin's return, ladies and gentlemen. the biggest headline we have. the countdown for robin's comeback is on the way. and we can't wait. it's all coming up right here. "gma" is live every morning in times square. [ female announcer ] the craving for chocolate... oooh. [ female announcer ] all grown up. oooh. [ female announcer ] jared presents beautiful, natural levian chocolate diamonds and chocolate cultured south sea pearls. levian is the only company on earth to make jewelry with chocolate diamonds. levian -- the leading family in jewelry -- from ancient royalty to today's red carpet. you will only find these styles at jared.
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8:16 am
♪ d.j. michelle pesce. perfect way to get us into this next story. she is rockin' out for a friday morning. >> she is. >> getting everyone excited. we're going to turn to the controversy at the grammys. this time it's happening before it even happens. there's a new dress code in place. all kinds of rules of what can't be shown on stage. and abc's chris connelly is covering the cover-up. >> reporter: remember the barely-there versace jennifer lopez wore to the 2000 grammys? this year, it might have to stay on its hanger because the network broadcasting the show is thinking about thongs. as well as thongs. cbs telling grammy performers in in a memo unveiled by
8:17 am, to keep buttocks and female breasts adequately covered. not to expose their fleshy undercurves. pretty good name for a band, actually. >> we want to see women looking lovely and even sexy. but there is something like going too far. is someone like rihanna going to pay attention to this? my feeling is they're going to tone it down a little. >> reporter: can pop go prim? kelly and michael revealed their feelings. >> no jennifer? >> reporter: still, there will be eye-catching performances aplenty. playing live and loud sunday night, carrie underwood, the black keys, jack white and taylor swift. and expect more of the collaborations the grammys have become renowned for. ♪ like a rhinestone cowboy >> reporter: including a trio of bruno mars, rihanna and sting. country stars dierks bentley and miranda lambert will also pair up.
8:18 am
but major categories, like adele in 2011. ♪ we could have had it all >> reporter: but the idea of frank ocean and chris brown competing for the same grammy? that ought to get everyone out of their assigned parking spaces, no matter how little they might be wearing. for "good morning america," chris connelly, abc news, los angeles. >> all kinds of excitement could be coming up. here's what they called the dress code. it's called the standard and practice wardrobe advisory. >> there's no way. >> how will they enforce it? >> i see this having a 0.0% chance of actually happening. >> yeah. 0.00%. is someone has ticky tape and some safety pins and run around going, oh, no. let me get that for you. and let me button this together. no one's going to do that. >> things never heard -- rock star dress code. >> exactly. now, one of our favorite stories of the morning. we told you about the jones
8:19 am
quintuplets a while back. three boys, two girls, born in august. for the very first time all five babies are waking up at home together. you might call them the fabulous and fortunate five. will, david, macy, grace and little seth. and this morning, this adorable and slightly cranky fivesome is enjoying a reunion five months in the making. >> it's fun sometimes. it's a lot of work all the time. >> reporter: carrie jones and her husband, gavin, welcomed these miracle babies into the world august 9th. born just shy of 28 weeks. four of the little ones were able to come home from the hospital. but seth, just 1 pound, 12 ounces, had a series of setbacks. >> for a while, we weren't sure if he was going to heal or he was too premature. and his lungs were just too damaged. >> reporter: throughout the five-month ordeal, jones kept a blog. >> you have to keep a record of this. we want to hear what the pregnancy's like. and what it's like when the
8:20 am
babies come. >> reporter: the numbers say it all. with more than 1 million hits, people around the country are making a point of keeping up with the joneses. >> people on the blog have been following our story and sent us gift. that's been really sweet. >> reporter: the couple's 9-year-old, isaac, has been really sweet, learning to be a big brother. >> it's really loud. and sometimes gets annoying. >> reporter: this morning, seth is home with his brothers and sisters. and with the help of volunteers and a stroller made for five, things are really rolling along. >> they're everybody's babies in some ways, which is a blessing. >> that's so cute. so much work. wow. our thoughts and our prayers go out to the joneses. >> so happy. that's great. speaking of happy, let's go to sam. >> look who is here. bethenny frankel is here this morning. she's all about skinny girl products. i have bethenny and snacks. the idea is to keep trim and healthy.
8:21 am
she's going to share delicious low-calorie recipes that will get you through the day without bulking up. the midsection. >> any section. we talk about smart snacking. i believe you should spoil your appetite. and a 200-calorie snack will calm you down. won't have you grabbing at other things. >> you are just amazingly smart with making this all happen. if everybody tried to do all the things that you're doing, we would all try to take the calories out or try to make something healthier and try to figure out a way to do it. and you made it easy for everybody by putting it in one place. here's how you do it. here's how you don't have to have the extra fat and calories. i love what you did with the skinny girl drinks. i love what you're doing with this. it's all good to me. while we talk and do this, i know it's been a tough time for you in the press. how are you doing with that? are you doing okay? >> it's a struggle. and like any struggle, you get through it and you move forward. and come out on the other side. >> and you have a lot on the other side to get to.
8:22 am
let's get to the snacking stuff. >> february is heart health month and national snacking month. this is a granola. almond's are a great snack. they have protein and fiber. and this is a granola with no oil in it. rolled oats, almonds. >> oil's going to kill you. >> nothing kills you. i believe in indulging. you have to pick your spots. i give in create recipes where you can have more of it. but i don't believe in depriving, always indulge. but in moderation. 200-calorie snack is a great investment. vanilla, maple syrup, cinnamon and nutmeg. you mix that all together. >> you will do better than i will. >> you put it on a sheet pan that's slightly greased. bake it at 30 minutes at 300. that would be a little bit more. >> mix it together. >> move it around. it won't get screwed up no matter what. it's pretty easy. you end with this. hi.
8:23 am
is that a banana or are you just happy to see me? >> when we have snacks, everybody comes run. >> these are a great snack for your kids. i didn't even see her. hello. take a banana. >> oh, they're banana. >> yeah. welcome. what did you think -- >> you roll them in dark chocolate. put them in slivered almonds. put them in the freezer. kids love doing this. >> this is so much better for you than any ice cream anybody makes. >> they're amazing. >> i was hearing about it. >> hi. >> what about the stuff to go. >> these are the skinny girl on the go nutritious products. they have ingredients like almonds and high-fiber. it's not about this. it's about having something you can put in your purse. >> or pocket, as my case may be. >> or pocket. >> this looks dangerous. >> this is the blue cheese dip. the snacking should be about
8:24 am
enjoying, indulging and a lot of flavor. blue cheese is a high-flavor cheese. you mix it with -- >> i always think of it being really fattening. i can have blue cheese? >> you have to put a little bit of it with low-fat cream cheese. with some chopped vegetables. you're adding the fiber. and a little with your pita crisps or your pretzel chips. >> before we go, you have a brand-new show coming up. i want to say congratulations. you did a test run last year. >> for the talk show. >> are you excited? >> i can't wait. it's going to be a great, fun, honest conversation with women. and some men sprinkled in. >> i could come in, have a snack. >> yeah. i don't mean to discriminate. >> you can find the recipes for bethenny's skinny girl snacks at "good morning america."com on yahoo!
8:25 am
>> now, from abc7 news, a vigil is planned tonight for a 13-year-old girl found murdered last week. the girl's body was discover add week ago today at the wood in fairfield. the vigil is held at the same park at 6:30 tonight. police are asking for public's help to find her killer. no word from investigators on
8:26 am
how she was killed or a possible suspect. >> how does the commute look? it has been tough with the rain. >> it has been tough with the bay bridge. there was an early motorcycle accident which is gone. traffic now is backed beyond the macarthur maze to 24 and will 80 to the overcrossing. still, it is jammed getting to the bay bridge. san mateo bridge, an early accident week before the toll plaza and now it is smoothed on the span. no delays here. north 87 in san jose, an accident just clearing now. >> thank you. we will check with mike nicco and found out
8:27 am
8:28 am
>> we have a beautiful picture from mount tamalpais with the clouds hanging around and even with the rain moving out, we will still have some cloud cover this afternoon. good morning, and now live doppler 7 hd showing the showers moving to the south. still could be a slight shower the next half hour to hour but cooling at 32 in santa rosa, and the rest of us in the upper 30's to low 40's and more tonight. frost inland after temperatures in t ♪ all right. d.j. michelle pesce and a great crowd this morning. she's spinning us in the weekend. the official d.j. for the grammy celebration party.
8:29 am
robin's return, only 12 days away. she will be back on "gma" february 20th. we cannot wait. >> we're excited about that. also, kendall and kylie jenner are here. they're the kardashian sisters. taking on the fashion world. they're here with a first look at their fashion line and the hottest looks for spring. we also have an announcement about superstar james franco, the star of "oz: the great and powerful." a fantastical movie by disney. and looking forward to this. we don't have a bell. the raciest roll yet. he's been named the grand marshal for the 55th daytona 500. he will say those famous words, drivers start your engines. kicking off the season for nascar. also, madeleine stowe. >> i love the show.
8:30 am
i love the show. i can't wait to talk to her. we're going to find out all kinds of secret stuff, i'm sure. >> and i'll be doing the talking. back up, sam. >> i'll just be doing the watching. by the way, now to a video because we do this just about every month. going to have you dancing. we love it when we have had a fantastic start to the year. robin's coming home. it makes our world a happier, brighter place. take a look at our mashup for the month. ♪ new year's "gma" ♪ are you ready >> are you ready? >> ready? >> everybody ready. >> ready. >> are you ready? >> i'm ready. >> here we go. >> we get it -- >> when i dip, you dip, we dip. >> and dip. >> twist. >> it pops. >> it pops. >> a little bit out.
8:31 am
>> he won the money. >> here's the deal. >> spin the big wheel. >> that's unreal. >> new year's. >> "gma." >> i love this place. >> this is great. >> new year's. >> on "gma." ♪ >> oh, my god. >> oh, my god. >> come outside. >> want to have a fight? >> we missed that turn in albuquerque. albuquerque. >> you guys are always so nice. >> feel free to chime in anytime. >> one thing is for sure. welcome to head of the curve. >> coming back. >> she's coming back. >> it's true. >> welcome back. >> welcome back. >> welcome back, robin. >> new year's "gma." >> i'm coming back. >> on the way. >> coming home, "gma." >> and every star makes sure to say, welcome back. >> welcome back.
8:32 am
>> welcome back, robin. >> welcome back, robin. >> coming home. >> welcome back. >> i'm coming home. >> good to be back. >> thank you all very much. thank you. [ applause ] >> that's great. >> i love that. >> i love that. that's great. well, guess what. more celebration. valentine's day is right around the corner. and this year, the women of victoria's secret are playing cupid. roll the video. revealing what women really want when it comes to love. and abc's rachel smith, host of "on the red carpet" has the story. >> forget cupid. if you really want to know the way to a woman's heart, you might want to listen to these angels. >> guys, we're going to get to serious things you need to understand. >> reporter: did she get your attention? on the heels of an oh-so sexy
8:33 am
christmas caroling video, where the angels fa, la, la, la to success. ♪ deck the halls with balls of honey ♪ >> reporter: this promotional video burning up the web aims to educate. >> when i say nobody's ever sent me flowers before. >> reporter: ditching out little doses of love-filled wisdom. >> what that means for you is -- >> send me two dozen of the most gorgeous long-stemmed roses. >> reporter: one, by, one, they tackle some of the common misunderstandings between the opposite sexes. >> when i say i'll be five minutes. what i mean is, i'll be ready in a half hour, 45 minutes. >> when i ask you, my friend, she's so pretty, isn't she? what that really means is -- >> tell me you haven't even noticed because you only have eyes for me. >> reporter: i decided to hit the streets of l.a. and find out for myself what women really want.
8:34 am
or at least mean. do you think guys really hear what their ladies say to them? >> no. i hear one thing. and he hears another. >> reporter: i'll be five minutes. what does that really mean? >> i'll be like an hour. >> reporter: what's code for i'm fine? >> there's definitely something wrong. >> reporter: and even though women may send mixed signals. >> i don't know if women really know what they want. >> reporter: at the end of the day these lady lookers say, every once in a while -- ♪ love you >> reporter: we really are saying exactly what we mean. >> when i say i love you, i really mean, that i love you. >> aw. >> so, with all that being said, men, you have one week to make plans for your valentine. if she hints at trying out a new restaurant or lingers over a beautiful pair of earrings, chances are it's code for what we really want. >> sam -- the "f" word is fine. >> i'm fine, you're in trouble.
8:35 am
>> nothing is fine. >> that phone bill -- the dip -- i hope you saw that earlier. it's really good. i haven't gotten to the chocolate banana. you don't have to show everybody. let's get to the boards. we'll show you what's going on. your twitter and facebook pictures is what's showing up america across this country we're getting them in. chicago got the early hit of snow. so did milwaukee, from the northern-most low that gets together with the southern low that's bringing all that rain down south this morning and phases into one, big blizzardmaking snowy mess for friday into saturday morning, for all of the northeast, ladies and gentlemen. that's what it all is going to look like. here's who gets what. rain stays in southern sections. we're getting mixing going on right now. when the storm puts itself together as in one storm, it's later tonight. in the evening hours overnight.
8:36 am
it's almost midnight by the time we come up with the worst weather conditions in the northeast. that's 60-mile-per-hour-plus winds, blowing, driving, blinding snow. you need to be inside for all that. make sure you get out of the way of this thing. let it do its thing and get cleaned up saturday >> all that weather was brought to you by party central. i'm so hungry. if you could move on with the show so i could finish up really quick. >> do we have an update on the heat of the apartment? >> my heat is gone in my apartment. i cannot wait to put some blankets on. >> oh. >> man.
8:37 am
we got a countdown to oscar sunday right now. the spotlight on my daughter harper's nominee for movie of the year, "wreck-it ralph." here's what the animators did with lara, josh and sam. >> can anyone in the control room see this. >> i'm going to wreck it. >> sounds like fun. >> time for weather. >> hey. watch the hair. >> wait. this place is wrecked. >> this is going to be a problem. >> i can fix it. >> all right. cool. >> that is pretty cool. >> thank you, harper. >> i don't know. i like to jump up and down when i'm doing the weather. >> nice hair, by the way, on yours. >> really.
8:38 am
>> we have to get to the piece now. chris connelly spoke with the artists that make that animation magic. >> my name's wreck-it ralph. >> reporter: when rich moore needed someone to lead the animation team for "wreck-it ralph" there was only one choice. mike gabriel. >> i don't want to be the bad guy anymore. >> reporter: what plays out as a sweet story of a video game's metaphmorphosis from bad guy to hero has 190 characters. unprecedented. >> mike was responsible for creating the look of everything that you see on the screen. >> reporter: moore says he needed someone with experience. and a sense of disney history. >> animation is as close to the word imageation as you can get. >> reporter: he learned from legendary creators, the artists that made memorable magic in the heyday of hand-drawn animated
8:39 am
film. >> he brings that essence to the film. >> reporter: but making an animated film is not just drawing cartoon characters. it's crafting the message and the feeling of the film, as well. and just like walt disney and the original animators, studied real deer while prepping for the film, "bambi." those are real deer. gabriel and his team traveled the globe, researchering how his characters and backgrounds would look in this imaginary video game world. >> we wanted to get the truth of what we're creating. >> reporter: gabriel's creativity is well-known in the business. he created the cinderella castle logo you see at the beginning of disney films. ♪ all the colors of the wind >> reporter: he pitched pock han tass with a sketch and a sentence. now, for this year's professed
8:40 am
animated film will live on forever. >> every character in this film is there because of mike. >> reporter: for "good morning america," chris connelly, abc news, los angeles. >> catch all of the oscar action here right here on abc, sunday february 24th, starting at 7:00 p.m. eastern. and when we come back, two of the kardashian clan. kendall and kylie jenner here. (g to give a breast cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. whoo! you walk with friends, you meet new friends, and you keep those friendships. it was such a beautiful experience. (woman) ♪ and it's beautiful ♪ undeniable (woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because everyone deserves a lifetime. visit to register or to request more information today. ♪ burning like a fire ♪ building up from deep inside
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it was 3 days of pure joy. susan g. komen's investments in early detection and treatment have helped reduce breast cancer mortality in the u.s. by 33% since 1990. help us continue serving the millions of women and men with breast cancer who still need us every day. register for the 3-day now. (woman) it's just been an amazing, amazing journey. i love these people. ♪ and it's beautiful
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8:43 am
we're back with kendall and kylie jenner. their big sisters know a few things about how to turn heads when it comes to fashion. this morning, kendall and kylie are launching their own fashion line. we're here to show you the hottest teen looks for spring. kendall, congratulations. you were on the cover of "miss vogue." >> thank you. i had so much fun. i shot it with russell james, the photographer. i had such a good time. it's a blessing. that's one of my biggest dreams to do something like that. >> i imagine another big dream was to become fashion designers, like you have just done that. you're launching your new fashion line today. we're going to get to those to see what's hot for spring. you have your own specific looks in the line, correct? >> we designed the line together. we just pick things that were
8:44 am
our favorite. >> let's start with a look on kendall's model. have them come out. tell us what we're seeing. >> this top, i love this top. there's a cutout on the back that's amazing. it's like a key hole. and you can pair it with a bandeau underneath. i paired it with a burgundy bandeau. and the scarf is amazing. you can wear it springtime doesn't have to be winter when you wear a scarf. the pattern was our idea. >> and you have a military look. >> yes. the jacket, i love the jacket. i personally have two different sizes of this. i have a size that's a little smaller for me, so you can wear it tight-fitting like a shirt. this is a little oversized, which i like, too. and wear it as a jacket. i feel it throws together the
8:45 am
outfit. the bandeau, we have it in red, as well. i like that. you can wear it with a bunch of different things. paired with one of our skirts. this is one of my favorite skirts in the line. it's our only skirt. the light wash. i feel you can pair it with anything. i love it. >> it looks fantastic with the ankle boots, too. thank you, ladies. we appreciate it. tell me first what your model is wearing. >> this is a little casual. the top is one of my favorites. i love the button down. we went from a jean color to a white. and then, the shorts, also bright. we sticked with that theme. there's those in blue. and the back has studs on them. >> very cute. kylie tell me about your model. >> the jacket is also one of my favorites. we wanted to incorporate leather into something. i think that's great. it throws together an outfit, again. and the shirt is so comfortable,
8:46 am
actually. it fits so good. and you can just wear it with anything pretty much. and the skirt, the high/low, it's one of my favorites. i love high/low skirts. >> i love how you mix and match so much. it's so fresh and young aend hi. >> you can just wear the jeans with the black and white shirt. it's like you can mix everything up. i don't know. i love everything. >> fantastic. congratulations. >> thank you. coming up next
8:47 am
8:48 am
we all love madeleine. "revenge" new episodes this sunday. and we have madeleine stowe here. fans know her as victoria grace.
8:49 am
the queen of mean is back. you sort of redefined the baddy on late-night tv. where do you find it with victoria? >> i want victoria to be something that the audience understands. i feel like she has a personality that's all to her. i've done a lot of reading. this is a woman with deep fears of abandonment. i also have -- i mean, i try to be kind in this world. but there's a real dark streak in me that i have to keep at bay. if i'm looking at you right now, i'm wondering what's going on beneath the surface all the time. and i think that's who victoria is. she's that kind of woman. but she has very bad impulses. >> it keeps her multidimensional, as well, in that way. >> i hope. yeah. i think the episode that's going to come up this saturday, she has a very cunning plan that -- and does a really kind of criminal act. >> i want to get to a clip.
8:50 am
this upcoming episode, victoria confronting her husband. >> okay. all right. >> i overheard a phone conversation between daniel and helen crowley. and i think -- >> it's begun? >> yes. and if he follows her orders -- >> he'll be culpable on whatever catastrophe they're about to unleash. >> and my son no longer listens to me or trusts a word i have to say. but faced with hard evidence, perhaps he can be convinced. do you have the documents or not? >> i'm terrified. i do feel like i'm sitting across from victoria. what's coming up for miss grayson? >> well, according to mike kelley, who told the press she's going to be reset as the villainess for the piece. that was the start of the first season. now, the audience wants to see her be very bad. >> we need a baddy. we talked about this last time. unbound captives.
8:51 am
your directorial debut upcoming. tell us about that. >> it's a film, hugh jackman and rachel weisz are attached. it's a period western but very romantic. i never felt that women have played much into the western genre. and it's lush and beautiful and tragic. it's just a big movie with a great team of people from -- wonderful. >> lush, beautiful and tragic, could be describing the nation of haiti, a nation close to you. you've been there since 2008. how is the work going? >> i work -- i'm on the board of directors for peace in justice. we built the entirely free secondary school in the nation. most kids drop out by sixth grade. and we support the efforts of the st. luke's organization and a man who is a doctor and a catholic priest who is a very wonderful, very tough, tough priest. he goes into the most difficult
8:52 am
areas of port-au-prince. we build homes. we provide extraordinary medical care. and he's creating infrastructure in the country that has very little. >> we appreciate it.
8:53 am
8:54 am
d.j. michelle pesce, thank you very much. we're all ready for the weekend. a snowy one here on the east coast. have a good one.
8:55 am
8:56 am
8:57 am
>> now from abc7 news, good morning, i am kristen sze. the san jose coroner says the death of a woman would fell from a san jose condo is alcohol-related before 3:00. the body of the 24-year-old was found on the ground in front of the 11 story building. officers conduct add preliminary investigation and found no evidence of foul play. our meteorologist, mike nicco, has the remaining showers forecast. >> live doppler 7 hd shows they
8:58 am
are pulling away from the bay area, hanging around monterey bay a couple more hours. we will have partly cloudy conditions this afternoon and low-to-mid 50's. watch out for frost inland and upper 20's are possible and warmer afternoons this weekend. sue? >> good morning, everyone. a couple of overtowns, northbound 17, blocking the right lane, and overturn lawrence expressway, that in the two left lanes. palo alto, southbound, 101 at university, overturn there, as well. kristen? >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael." today, singer and actress jennifer hudson. and super bowl m.v.p. quarterback joe flacco. plus, from the hit series "revenge," madeline stowe. all next on the emmy-award winning "live!" [cheers and applause] [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television]
8:59 am
announcer: now here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] michael: for us! kelly: for us? [cheers and applause] oh my gosh, everybody, it is friday, february 8, 2013! it is snowy and chilly and rainy and cold and all of those things that are so scary and terrible. stay in lockdown with us. roll up to the tv with your snuggy on. michael: i actually did buy a snuggy. kelly: who didn't? everybody owns. michael: you're like oh yeah? i know you got gelman.

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